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We pride ourselves on providing the most exclusive range of special event artistry.  Having adorned multi million dollar estate parties, fashion shows and  corporate events, our  artists create value added entertainment that consistently exceeds expectations.

Choose from one or more of our acts for an unforgettable event experience.


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Cantiq LA: A Fashion Performance

 Boulvard3 Los Angeles, CA

Elite Entertainment Global had the pleasure of casting twelve beautiful dancer/models for this artistically provocative  event.    When EEG Owner, Melissa Staroszik (@mstar_dancer) met Lingerie Designer and Fashion Mogul Chelsea Hughes (@cantiq.losangeles) at a chic coffee shop on Sunset Blvd they had an instant connection.  “It’s such a beautiful thing when like minds meet”, said Staroszik.  The two spoke on the logistics of the show and left knowing that something great was about to happen.

Fast Forward a week later to dress rehearsal at Boulevard3 in Los Angeles, CA. The dancers quickly got to work with choreographer JL Ignacio of Artistic Athlete
(@missnappiifyourenasty).  “I have to admit, I was a bit nervous for the girls.  There was about a ten foot drop on either side of the narrow runway for them to walk en pointe, in lingerie, but they all managed to do a fabulous job.”   said Staroszik.  Two hours later the show was coming together, looks were created and the orchestration  and timeline of show day were complete.  All there was left to do was wait…. (The hardest part!)


The dancer/models arrived to the venue at 6pm to review choreography and to start hair and make up.  The hair and make up team worked their magic to prep seventeen models for the show in under four hours!  Hair by Cassie Giuliano (@cassiegiuliano) and Ricky Fraser (@rickyfraserhair) was a modern take on the classical top knot, and sometimes literal interpretation of nautical knots.  While the make up by Andria Farr (@driafarr) , Gabby Grave (@gaby_grave) and Gabriela Banda (@contrabandamakeup) was elegant and etherial with a mythical finish of highlight and iridescent sparkle.


The time finally came for the show to start.  11:30pm,  a packed house eagerly awaited the performance.  Among the guests were fashion bloggers, professional dancers and even celebrity guest Chuy Bravo!   The first model gracefully strutted down the runway and back  before taking her place in a picturesque pose on stage.   Model two, three, four , five…..all took the same pose on stage after their walk.  Finally the models came to life with beautifully choreographed movement.  While the remaining models walked the runway eight models danced en pointe to the electric violin mashup, We Gonna Win by Miri Ben Ari Feat. Styles P.  The show kept building as some models even took to the floor and leaped and turned through the audience.

Five minutes later the masterpiece had  concluded.  The Cantiq LA Fashion Performance was nothing short of extraordinary.  The combination of beautifully designed, handcrafted lingerie, dancer/models walking the runway  and dancing en pointe with an architecturally pleasing venue were top notch.  What a treat to see such talented women in various artistic fields band together to create such an empowering experience. Elite Entertainment Global is proud to have been a part of The Cantiq LA Fashion Performance and looks forward to collaborating on future events.

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